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How to be More Accessible on Social Media

In an increasing digital world, accessibility is something that often gets overlooked and falls through the cracks when it comes to social media marketing.

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As a branding photographer, there are often a lot of questions about my process and what to expect with a branding session. Most business owners have been DIY-ing their content and aren’t used to being in front of the camera– it’s totally normal!! That’s why I make sure to guide my clients through every step […]


Answers to My Frequently Asked Questions for Branding Photography

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In this blog post I’m answering one of the most commonly asked AND heavily debated questions in the photography industry: If I let my clients use presets or edit their images, and why. As a personal branding photographer, my primary job is to create images my clients love and can use for their brand! I […]


Why I Allow My Branding Clients to Put Filters/Presets on Their Images

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When Nikki reached out to me about a personal branding session, I was already so excited because I could already see so many similarities between our brands, and knew it would be so much fun! (For example, she said she was inspired by the beach and loved the bright and airy style… sound familiar?!) I […]


Spotlight: Nikki Chan Style Coaching | Boston Personal Branding Session


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In an increasingly digital world, where almost everyone has the ability to create content for others, accessibility is something that often gets overlooked. In the United States, small businesses have different compliance requirements for the ADA than larger corporations, and as a result accessibility is something that often falls through the cracks, especially when it […]


How to Improve Your Business’s Accessibility on Social Media

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When Catherine reached out to me about a branding session I was so excited, because I could already tell it would be a super fun project! She is a total boss woman that has a lot of things in the works, and needed content to go with them. Catherine is a business coach and mentor […]


Spotlight: Catherine Aquila of Aquila Studios | Newburyport Studio Personal Branding Session

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I've always been a creative at heart. When I was younger, I used to try arts & crafts, but the only thing I was ever decent at was tie-dye (actually a hidden talent of mine).

photographer, creative, and wanderluster whose biggest source of inspiration is the beach

I'm Meredith!


then i picked up a camera.

Now, I'm completely obsessed with creating images for business owners and bringing their brand to life. My creative juices are also fueled by equal parts iced coffee and fuzzy blankets. You'll catch me rewatching the office for the millionth time or listening to Taylor Swift while I plan my IG content for the week.

Designed to be collaborative throughout the entire process, the MTP branding experience dives deep into your brand to strategize and create compelling images that will connect with your audience and help your business grow. 

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